Covid-19 Positive Test Protocol

The following guidelines are in place for a positive COVID-19 test or possible exposure within the Sycamore High School and Sycamore Junior High Athletic Departments. These guidelines have been put in place in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Ohio Department of Health (ODH), and the Hamilton County Department of Health (HCDOH). Please refer to these guidelines should you have a question.

1) A positive test for COVID-19 or potential exposure to the virus is reported to our Head Trainer and Athletic Director.

2) The training staff notifies the Hamilton County Department of Health, who then begins the contact tracing process. In addition to the the contact tracing process, the decisions on who is notified, who should or could be tested, who should or could be quarantined, what program if any should be shut down is a decision made by the Hamilton County Department of Health in conjunction with current CDC/ODH policies with any possible information that we can give them regarding close contact.

3) Our Return to Play procedures are governed by the most recent CDC, ODH, HCDOH, and OHSAA guidelines. These guidelines can change at any given moment (i.e. potential travel bans, spikes, etc..), but we will be vigilant about staying on top of such potential and inevitable changes.

4) HIPPA/FERPA laws strictly limit information and notifications only to those who are directly impacted after contact tracing. Those decisions as to who is notified are determined strictly by the Hamilton County Department of Health. A team notification on such issues would only be sent if a breakout or situation occurs where the Hamilton Country Department of Health deems it necessary for the health of those involved to make a mass notification or shutdown an entire sport or program.

Thank you for understanding that these are difficult times, and that we are doing our very best to keep kids safe while they are here and wish everyone the best of health.

Mark Harden
Athletic Director